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I'm 36, but keep thinking I'm 37 whenever anyone asks my age.  I'm so terrible at remembering how old I am that for my 33rd birthday my adorable techie husband made me this to help me remember my age all year long:
For the entire year it was my desktop wallpaper and that was the only year I didn't have to stop and think about how old I was.

Under the Chinese Zodiac I am a fire dragon, and I absolutely LOVE having dragon decorations in my house. 

I live near Purdue University in Indiana and used to march in the AAMB back in the 90's when computers still cost thousands of dollars and dial-up was the only way to get online.  I've played trumpet since 5th grade, and have always wanted to learn how to play the violin.  I also want to learn to play bagpipes.  But I'm not sure my neighbors would approve.

My favorite pastime is power yard saling.  I haven't done it for years because I've always had to work on Saturdays, but now that I've exited the workforce I plan to take it up again in full force.

I don't have any children or pets, and I'm not sure either of those decisions is really by choice.  My husband's allergies and my faulty plumbing nixed both of those options without even stopping to ask us how we felt in the matter.

I feel awkward being a stay at home person without any children to care for.  It's ironic.  Our gender fought so hard for equality that now we are expected to work whether we have children or not.  Those who choose not to work with children are begrudgingly accepted as "doing what's best for their family" and those who don't have children and still don't work are stared at as if we had a third eye growing out of our foreheads.

It's hard to find role models for what I do now.  I feel like I'm supposed to be blazing a path but don't have any friggin' clue what I'm doing.  So this blog is basically following along on my crazy little path and hopefully sharing some insights along the way. 

Care to join me?

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