Gluten Free Recipes

This portion is still under construction, but I'll be adding recipes here as quickly as possible:

As of 2009, we have had to adhere to a gluten free diet.  This makes cooking challenging at times in our bread-addicted world, but I try to keep our diets as "normal" as possible with only a few substitutions here and there in some great tried and true recipes.

If you have ever struggled to be economical in your gluten free lifestyle, consider this your new mecca!  I will teach you how to shop at "normal" grocery stores for 90% of your ingredients and save money.  I will also teach you how to look at a common recipe and convert it easily to gluten free by keeping a few major staples on hand.

For those unfamiliar with gluten free diets, gluten originates in Wheat, Rye, and Barley.  Oats are lumped in as well because of cross-contamination in processing factories.  However, it is possible to purchase gluten-free oats that are processed in gluten free factories.  A complete listing of gluten ingredients can be found here, but the most common offenders in ingredient listings are maltodextrin and modified food starch.  If you see either of these listed without (corn) in parentheses next to it, it is unsafe for a gluten free diet.

Disclaimer:  People's sensitivity to gluten varies widely.  I am fortunate that I can handle *small* levels of cross contamination, such as eating french fries at most fast food places.  Some people are unable to even have bread crumbs in the same kitchen.  Anyone with that level of sensitivity should adhere STRICTLY to the avoidance of the unsafe list to ensure least possibility of gluten exposure.  The recipes should still be safe assuming that you keep a gluten free kitchen and check the ingredients of your pre-packaged foods properly.

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