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As an opinionated person, I tend to be persnickety about the things I buy and where I buy them.  I'm big on bargains, but I want quality.  I'll battle for inexpensive, but turn my nose up at cheap.

I also hate companies that purposely hurt other people in order to succeed.

With these things in mind, here are places that I love to shop:

Aldi's - This is my go-to store for 90% of my groceries.  Their prices are INSANE!  In a good way! 

Target - This is my go-to store for organic milk, inexpensive tea, coffee, and sauces.  They also have the best produce in town when I can't find it at Aldi's.  (And who can resist that adorable little dog?  I just want to pinch his cheeks.  If he had cheeks.  And didn't bite me.  Okay, moving on.)

Walgreens - This is my go-to store for prescriptions, OTC medications, and most of my dry goods suppplies, such as TP, Paper Towels, Ziploc bags, etc.  Their new "Nice!" brand has incredibly high quality at fantastically low prices.  Plus, if you learn the mad couponing skills from Collin @ Hip2Save, you'll have tons of fun scouring the store weekly for bargains matched up with your coupons for incredible savings.  Their new curbside service can be combined with Ebates to get cash back on a shopping trip where you don't even have to walk in the store!  I love using this service when I buy cases of water.  They bring it right to my car!

These are my top three stores - I'll add more stores and specific products as I have time.

Often in my daily posts I will provide links to product sources and/or information that I think will be useful to my readers.  I am very selective about what places I link to, and will never send you to a location that doesn't fall under one or more of these criteria:
  • A product or service I already use and highly recommend
  • A website or blog that I read and enjoy regularly
  • A website that is the source of information I am providing (such as a recipe source, place where I got my idea, etc.)
Occasionally I will provide links to sources of products and/or information that provide me with a small commission if you sign up or make a purchase through my link. THE COMMISSION IS NOT MY MOTIVATING FACTOR FOR GIVING YOU THE LINK.  Since I would recommend the product or website anyway, it's just a nice bonus that helps feed my yard sale habit.  :)

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