Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deep Thoughts

Once upon a time, I was shopping at Second Glance, my favorite upscale secondhand clothing store.  Hubby was qualifying for hubby of the year award, so he agreed to accompany me and give his unvarnished opinion of any and all outfits as I tried them on.  (To this day he claims his only motivation was a futile attempt to stem my tide of shoe purchases!)

At any rate, we were standing in front of the shirt section, and Hubby was pulling out shirts to get my "yay" or "nay" judgment before I took a pile of clothing to the fitting room.  One particular shirt had me hemming and hawing, when I finally replied to go ahead and put it on the pile, because I was desperate for shirts.

Out of the clear blue, a woman's voice came over to me and said in a kindly yet authoritative voice, "Don't ever be desperate, honey.  That's when we buy bad shirts."

Over the years, my mind has morphed this conversation to the point where I cannot recall if she said "That's when we buy bad shirts" or "That's when we make bad decisions."

Because she was right.

Desperation can make us do the most inane things.  Things that we wouldn't dream of doing if our logic and intellectual faculties were intact.  (Such as the 10 rolls of duct tape I purchased during my first hurricane when I lived in Florida!)

Ever since that conversation I've tried to live my life in such a way that I never feel desperate.  Each time desperation tries creeping in, that memory pops into my head, and my perspective changes in a flash.

On a day of deep thoughts, the thought I leave with you is this:

Don't ever be desperate, honey.  That's when we make bad decisions.

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