Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Freezer Arrives!

Today our new freezer arrived and I'm super excited.  This pretty much triples our freezer capacity, allowing me to make stuff ahead and pull out ready made food to eat at a moment's notice.  This will also enable me to take advantage of those "Special Buys" that pop up at Aldi's and purchase in bulk to throw in the freezer.

Now I wouldn't be Chief Bargain Hunter if I hadn't gotten a great deal on this freezer.  I could have gotten a better deal if hubby hadn't been wary of buying a used model (hello Craigslist!), but I think I did pretty well for our needs.

Our needs were as follows:

$200 or less (total out of pocket up front, including tax)
Delivered (we live in an upstairs apartment and don't own a truck)
5.0 cubic feet storage (not too big, not too small)
Good ratings (didn't want it to crap out after a year)

After comparing all the prices, we ended up settling on the GE Freezer from Home Depot.  Listed price was $189, with free shipping/delivery, and over 300 people had given it very good ratings.  I logged in to Ebates, (my go-to place before purchasing ANYTHING online) and saw that not only would I get 5% back on my purchase, but their coupon section had a code for $5 off any purchase of $50 or more!

So initial out of pocket expense was $189 - $5 coupon = $184 + 7% tax = $196.88.  An additional $9.20 will be coming back to me via Ebates, bringing my final cost down to $187.68 - a savings of $14.55!

Delivery was done by Kid Glove Service, Inc., a subcontractor for Home Depot.  I could not have been happier with their service.  I placed the order on Sunday, June 10, and selected Tuesday, June 12 for delivery.  On Monday, a representative from Kid Glove called to let me know they would be stopping by between 12 and 4 pm on Tuesday.  On Tuesday, just before 1:00 pm, I received another phone call from the delivery driver stating that they were about 10 minutes out and would this be a convenient time to drop off the freezer?  Within 15 minutes the freezer had arrived, been installed, and the delivery crew was gone.  Impeccable service, professional handling, and a really satisfied customer!  I might give them half a star off for leaving newsprint fingerprints on the freezer (a likely side effect of unpacking it on the truck instead of in my living room), but I figure what's a quick wipedown with a microfiber cloth compared to excellent, on time delivery with professionals?

I'm definitely a very happy customer!  (And looking forward to sharing my freezer recipes with you soon!)


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