Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Pioneer Cooking Habit

Thanks to Ree Drummond I had 4 pieces of chocolate cake this morning.  Granted, this was after having two eggs for breakfast, but those piddly little eggs are nowhere near enough protein to balance out the sugar high of THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER

While energized with sugar, I managed to clean up the kitchen, put away all the remaining cake pieces out of sight (and eat one more), then start making Simple, Perfect Chili from Ree's cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Suffice to say, I love how this woman cooks.  Real butter.  Real cream.  Whole milk.  Half and half without shame.  She's my hero.

I also like how easy it is to convert her recipes into gluten free (GF).  Since her target audience is cowboys, there's a heavy focus on meat and potatoes, which are naturally GF.  Occasionally I have to substitute cornstarch for flour (when needed for thickening) or Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour (when needed for baking), but usually I can stick with the recipe as she's written it.

And now that all that sugar is about to drop into a precarious sugar crash, I think I'll go fix some of my favorite PW Iced Coffee! Naturally GF, and oh-so-good with half and half creamer.  YUM!

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